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Uniqop: unique online grocery store for Persian food

Uniqop is an online grocery store that particularly focuses on Persian food ingredients. If you are suffering from not finding the proper ingredients, Uniqop is here to put an end to all these problems. We have gathered a collection of Best ingredients from all the available brands in the market from different parts of the world to fill your Persian baskets. Shopping from Uniqop is easy and beneficial. It is easy because you can search and find everything with simple clicks instead of od walking with a heavy cart in a shop. It is beneficial because you save a lot of time and energy by shopping online. if you are living in California, you can easily access our online store.


Moreover, Uniqop has a broad collection of Persian food recipes. If you are a Persian food lover, an Iranian student living in America, or just a tourist who wants to re-experience the notable tastes of Persian foods, you can cook the most delicious Persian foods by following Uniqop’s Persian food recipes. Cook the most delicious Ghormeh Sabzi and Tahdig with the hints ad knacks we teach you in our online recipes. You can also count on us on organizing your party’s menu.


To sum up, Uniqop is an online platform for Persian food lovers which has both stores to shop for ingredients and recipes to cook the best Persian foods. You can find any relevant stuff to Persian cuisine from Ghormeh Sabzi’s herbs to best bread recipes for Tahdig on Uniqop. Uniqop has started its fantastic journey from California but Uniqop’s online store will soon be available all over America. All Persian food fans can use Uniqop’s recipes online all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact Uniqop if you are a Persian food lover, we have prepared the knacks even for making Shirazi salad and buying Khiar (cucumber)!

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